Food/Aerial/Commercial Videography in New York

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Welcome to The Bulb Room! We are videographers in New York offering you the latest and most revolutionary videography services. No matter the type of business you own, you need contemporary content to boost your business’s sales. We understand the value of your business, and are passionate in helping you on your road to success.

Are you seeking elite aerial videography in New York? We are your one-stop portal that will provide you with videography that will blow you away. From the equipment to the end product, all the steps are executed with the finest precision. So, you will always get the best from us!


Small, medium or large businesses all need a little visual boost from time to time, or maybe every month, or week! Just kidding! But how about a short video highlighting the best your company has to offer? Or maybe a special occasion you want to share with others? Give us a shout, we’re confident you’ll be very, very happy with our corporate videography in New York. Let us make your corporate face a very desirable one!


Our crew is a pretty knowledgeable group of marketers as well. We know what makes a product, event and/or service appealing to the masses. Getting ready to a launch a new beer? Or maybe you’re getting ready for that grandiose opening of your new store location? We’ll make it even more splendid! Just remember, we’re one email away. Any industry is welcome!


So your spot is starting to get some good rating, maybe it’s time to add some flavor to the mix! Yep, exactly what you’re thinking, a video! Short, medium, long, it doesn’t really matter, a well done video will always turn heads. Ours will. Popular apps and dishes, cocktails, maybe you’ve got a secret recipe drink. Let’s make it famous! And don’t worry, the professionalism in our culinary videography in New York will always be a part of our character, services and final products. We just want to share it with you (and get paid while doing it as well!).