About Us

Photography - Videography - Aerial

What happens when 3 guys get bored of the daily routine of a nine to five job? The Bulb Room happens! After numerous lunch break talks, significant philosophical discussions, and failed illusions – among others –these guys decided it was time to start something for themselves! Coming from different backgrounds, the guys decided to come together and create, not just a company, but a collective, where they could be themselves and have their own voice and decisions. All hailing from Puerto Rico, they relocated to New York City trying to live the dream. So far, they’re still sticking to microwave noodles and depend on early afternoon happy hours to get their groove on. Regardless, they will not give up. As you will see, the pro-photographer and drone expert, the video hobbyist and mastermind and, of course, the “business man”, are all intent on creating quality and memorable services like no one else. This is what has made The Bulb Room such a cool thing, the ability to be a down to earth crew, while not scratching out professionalism and hard work.